As someone who was constantly searching for relief from chronic back and leg pain, I was overjoyed to find the Aqua Massage worked so well for me. It was effective, affordable and saved so much time. As soon as I found this solution, I knew that there was a need in the market for this kind of revolutionary treatment.

I have spent years in business development and sales management, most of which, was spent listening to others and what their needs are. In the thousands of interactions I have had over the last two decades, one theme prevailed among the people I was reaching. It is that the pace of life, here, is fast and relentless which creates an unintended consequence of being worn down mentally and physically. Hence the need for a way to break the cycle of fatigue and pain.

Beyond that, my wife and I have children who are student athletes and anyone who has the always-present need to get ready, go and recover from practice or any activity / sport knows that their commitments’, while gratifying, can take a toll on them as well.

Lastly, I think about my parents and the people in my parent’s generation who have done so much to shape my outlook on life and know that they have aches and pains due to the effects of aging which need to be addressed. Aqua Massage can be of great assistance to them as well. As family is so important to me, my goal is to bring a treatment to the market for the whole family to benefit from.

Karim Kabbara

Owner of Aqua Massage Zone